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Review Of Alice Marwick s Status Update Essay - 1336 Words

Book Review 2 - Status Update Status Updates author Alice Marwick is an experienced academic observer of American online culture who subjectively weighs in on the new era of media and where this social media phenomenon is in this country let alone the world. This book takes you on a personal journey sheading light on old and new ideas such as, dot com era, Web 2.0, self- branding, Neoliberal capitalism, the up rise of micro celebrities, and online personas. Although precisely written and full of extensive qualitative research, this book is mostly over opinionated and anecdotal. A good amount of what Marwick is preaching isn’t necessarily true and full of negative rhetoric towards men such as Gary Vaynerchuk, a self-branding guru who she actually dedicates a part of her book too along with others. Most of the book is full of her first hand experiences in northern California tech start up hotbed areas where most of her work was done by good journalism. The dot com era took off around 1997 and peaked in 2002, this idea like the name suggests was based off of large investments in internet tech companies whether they were profitable or not. Looking back, it’s easy too say that there was a lack of common sense or a lack of urgency to make money since it failed. Directly after Web 2.0 made its presents, and it wasn’t new software for computers or a site you can visit rather a time for social technology to improve. It was like an optimistic perception of a class being half full

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Essay on Racism and The Latino Community - 1382 Words

In this world we are constantly being categorized by our race and ethnicity, and for many people it’s hard to look beyond that. Even though in the past many stood up for equality and to stop racism and discrimination, it still occurs. In this nation of freedom and equality, there are still many people who believe that their race is superior to others. These beliefs are the ones that destroy our nation and affect the lives of many. The people affected are not limited by their age group, sex, social status, or by their education level. Their beliefs can cause them to attack other groups verbally or in silence and even reaching to the point of violence. All of this occurs because we can’t be seen as a â€Å"people†, but rather like â€Å"species† that†¦show more content†¦These racist groups take advantage especially of the illegal Latino population in doing these things, because they believe they have no rights due to their illegal status here in th e United States. Also these groups know that many of these Hispanics will not go to police to report these incidents of discrimination and abuse, because they are fearful that in doing so they might get deported. They also discriminate the legal Latinos, because in their eyes they are the same as the illegal ones. The article also portrays the horrific actions of discrimination racist extremist do against Latinos. Eviatar reports the examples of the abuse by stating, â€Å"a young mother was arrested and jailed when she asked to be paid for her work in a Tennessee cheese factory; a migrant bean picker whose life savings were confiscated by police during a traffic stop, and a rapist in Georgia going unpunished because his 13-year-old victim is undocumented (par 3). The hate they feel towards this minority group, cause them to commit acts that are unjustifiable. They inflict pain and psychological suffering to Hispanics. This behavior is the cause racism, that as you see can harm to other ethnicities at a great level. Racialism also comes to play in this case, because these groups believe that they are â€Å"biologically† superior to Hispanics and other ethnicities and races as well. Our race does not make us superior to others, yet they still believe in that it does. EnculturationShow MoreRelatedAfro-Latinos in NYC1406 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Afro-Latino in New York City Growing up in New York City is a very unique experience. You grow up surrounded by a diverse population of people packed tightly into one city. But with this kind of diversity come the questions of self-identification and how others view you. I was born and raised in the upper Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights which is known for its mostly Dominican population. Moreover, growing up in the public school system and everyday New York living has exposed meRead MoreLatinos And The Latino Population1560 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Latinos are an American community of considerable diversity of culture, race, ethnic, and national origin. It is a community on the forefront of significant demographic change and sociopolitical growth (Appleby, G.A., Colon, E., Hamilton, J., 2011). Latinos in the United States are diverse, and collectively the second largest ethnic minority population in the country (Vigil, 1996). In the Latino population, culture represents a way of life that binds Latinos together through theirRead MoreThe Importance Of Sexual Identity Development1243 Words   |  5 Pagesworking with sexual minorities (CITE). Nevertheless, this process profoundly differs among Latino and African-American it is based on white middle-class gay participants (Lewis and Marshall 2011; Bridges, Selvidge, Matthews 2003). The unique stressors that Latinos and African-Americans face on a daily basis have serious implication in their mental health (Loiacano 1989). The queerness experience of Latino and African-American folks are very alike. Both ethnic/racial group members not only shareRead MoreHispanic Ethnicity And The Latino Population1370 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Latinos are considered an American community of considerable diversity of culture, race, ethnic, and national origin. It is a community on the forefront of significant demographic change and sociopolitical growth (Appleby, G.A., Colon, E., Hamilton, J., 2011). Latinos in the United States are diverse, and collectively the second largest ethnic minority population in the country (Vigil, 1996). Culture represents a way of life that binds Latinos together through their language, valuesRead MoreThe Stop and Frisk Policy Analysis Essay1225 Words   |  5 Pagesmake the world unbalanced and difficult to live in, which is how life is for the minorities impacted by Stop and Frisk. One of the most debated and controversial topics in New York City is the Stop and Frisk policy, and the impact it has on police, Latinos, and African Americans. Stop and Frisk fails to promote justice and equitable society because it creates a society where one group is lesser than another. The Stop and Frisk pol icy was created in Ohio, 1968, because of the a Supreme Court case, TerryRead MoreThe Novel Southland By Frank Sakai And Curtis Martin1545 Words   |  7 Pagess at a period when racism and discrimination were at the all time high. Revoyr’s features various historical references were taking place in Los Angeles’s past related to racial issues and uses some character interactions to drive these points home. Frank Sakai and Curtis Martin are two main characters whose life is prompted by the racism in the Los Angeles neighborhoods. Stylistically, Revoyr’s deliberate prose permits readers an uncomfortable gratitude of the slow marks racism burns on the appearanceRead MoreThe Enactment Of Arizona Immigration Laws1241 Words   |  5 PagesA.Thesis statement: The enactment of Arizona immigration laws is the result of long-standing structural racism effects, and the practice of these laws leads to unconstitutional racial profiling concerns that target the Latino community on the basis of ethnicity. B. Description of paper / argument: a. In this paper, I will first discuss the historical development of structural racism in Arizona. b. Second, I will examine and analyze Arizona’s current immigration policies. c. Finally, I willRead MoreBreaking The School Of Prison Pipeline859 Words   |  4 Pageswere black, Latino, or white? Unfortunately, police brutality is the sad reality that many black and Latino boys experience in their childhood. The disadvantages of their upbringing results to the reinforcement of societal restrictions on their success. On a positive note, education becomes salvation to marginalized group because it provides them means to escape the system that prevents them from becoming successful. However, Charles M. Blows and Victor M. Rios reveal that black and Latino boys areRead MoreEnvironmental Justice Is The Fair Treatment And Involvement Of People Of All Races Essay1221 Words   |  5 Pagesmentioning environmental racism. According to the EPA, environmental racism is the targeting of non-white communities when locating harmful facilities, where racial minorities are not a part of the decision-making process. Environmental racism is one manifestation of environmenta l injustice reinforced by economic and political institutions (Bullard, 559). Above all, Environmental Justice has its roots in Warren County, North Carolina. In 1982, demonstrations by community members with the NAACP inRead More Race Relations in Modern American Society Essay1587 Words   |  7 Pagesagainst the oppressor. Many times, the most prevalent link is between the African American community and the Latino community. Here we find two groups of people with very similar lifestyles who find camaraderie between themselves when dealing with America’s racism. Although the specifics may differ, the experiences of Blacks and Latinos, specifically Mexican Americans, has impacted the two communities very similarly. For example, many sociologists agree that the slavery experience is the cause

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Internet Marketing Tool Bouce Rate - 829 Words

Bounce rate Bounce rate is an internet marketing tool used for web sites analytics. Bounce rate is considered to be the most promising tool for understanding the status of any web sites. Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who entered the web sites and â€Å"bounced† (left the site) rather than continuing visting further pages on the same web sites. Bounce rate in simple layman terms can be said rate of effectiveness of web sites in encouraging the visitor to continue to their visit. It is expressed as the percentage and represents the proportion of visits that ends on the very first page of web sites. Bounced rate helps in determining the effectiveness of entry page whether it is able to generate interest of visitors or not. An entry page with low bounce rate is considered to be ideal for the web sites and highly effective which causes visitors to visit deeper into the web sites. High bounce rate indicates the in effectiveness of the web sites. An average web sites on the internet has about 50 percent of the bounce rate which is considered to be doing well. Above 60 percent bounce rate is alarming and if it crosses the line of 80 percent, we can consider it to be a major problem or a major failure of the web sites. Interpretation of bounce of rate should be in relevance with the business objectives and the definition of conversation of the company which has made the web sites. On the web sites where the objective is fulfilled by directly visiting the first page,

The Sociological Perspective Free Essays

Know the assumptions of structural-functional, conflict, and symbolic interaction theories. Review the contributions of Augusta Comet, Herbert Spencer, Karl Marx, 6. Mile Drummers, Max Weber, Harriet Martinets, Jane Addams, and W. We will write a custom essay sample on The Sociological Perspective or any similar topic only for you Order Now E. B. Dubos. Review the development of sociology in the United States. 8. Review the process of the three types of research discussed in the textbook. 9. Outline the steps in the scientific method of research. 10. Differentiate between the following concepts: variable, independent and dependent variables, and control variables. 11. 12. 13. Explain the importance of operational De Discuss what a sample is in survey research. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of controlled experiments, survey research, and participant observation. Do you every wonder why people in the Midwest drive pick-ups and the people in China want a bicycle? Do you ever think about why people were glued to their televisions when the World Trade Center Towers were destroyed by terrorists? Do you ever watch people at a ballgame or at a shopping mall? Have you ever wondered why these people behave as they do? Do you ask yourself why you make some of the decisions that you do? If you see influences from family, friends, co-workers, and the kind of economy hat we live in, then you are practicing sociology. Sociology is concerned with the groups, large and small, that we are a part of and how they influence our behavior. Sociology is one part of the social sciences. The social sciences are a related group of disciplines that study some aspect of human behavior. The differences are in the focuses. As examples, psychology focuses on such areas as the personality, the brain, and how we learn. History and political science study past events, government structures, and current affairs to understand our behavior. Economics includes areas such as supply and emend, government policies, and occupational trends. Anthropology focuses on cultures and how they determine certain behaviors. Sociology can be explained by the updated version of an old story titled: The Elephant Story. It goes as follows: It is said that in the recent past five wise men and women, all blindfolded, were led to an elephant. Each was asked to explain what they â€Å"saw†. The first, a psychologist, feeling the top of the head, said, â€Å"This is the only thing that counts. All feeling and thinking takes place inside here. To understand this beast, we need study only this. The second, an anthropologist, tenderly touching the trunk and the tusks, said, â€Å"This is really primitive. I feel very comfortable here. Concentrate on these. † The third, a political scientist, feeling the gigantic ears, said, â€Å"This is the power center. What goes in here controls the entire beast. Concentrate your studies here. † The fourth, an economist, feeling the mouth, said, this is what counts. What goes in here is distributed throughout the body. Concentrate your studies on this. Then came the sociologist (OF course! , who, feeling the entire body, said, You can’t understand the beast by concentrating only one part. Each is but part of the whole. The head, the trunk and tusks, the ears, the mouth – all are important. And so are the parts of the beast that you haven’t even mentioned. We must remove our blindfolds so we can see the larger picture. We have to see the larger picture. W e have to see how everything works together to form the entire animal. Pausing for emphasis, the sociologist added, â€Å"And we also need to understand how this creature interacts with similar creatures, HOW does their life in groups influence their behaviors? I wish I could conclude this fable by saying that the psychologist, the anthropologist, the political scientist, and the economist, dazzled upon hearing the wisdom of the sociologist, amidst gasps of wonderment threw away their blindfolds, and joining together, began to examine the larger picture. But, alas, and alack! Upon hearing this sage advice, each stubbornly bound their blindfolds even tighter to concentrate all the more on the single part. And if you listened very, very carefully you could even hear them saying, â€Å"Don’t touch the tusks. † ‘take your hand off the ears. â€Å"Stay away room the mouth – that’s my area. † Sociology, however, includes all of these areas of stud y and is probably the broadest of all of the social sciences. The main difference is that sociology focuses on the effects of groups on our actions and decisions. Sociology views behavior as resulting from all of the various influences that these disciplines specifically study. Certainly living in an industrial/technological society affects our motivations and our occupational choices. World War II affected how we view women in the labor force today. Telecommunications have influenced our current work patterns. These are a few examples that demonstrate the effects of our society on behavior. Sociology is defined as the systematic study of human social interaction. This means how we interact with persons in any group setting. Most of us follow patterns in our behaviors (think about your morning routines, are they usually the same? ) and this allows sociologists to learn something about our behavior. Sociologists try to describe and to explain behavior. They are people watchers – looking for patterns of behavior which allows sociologists to predict trends in behavior to help determine better social policies. However, sociologists realize that people change which requires that our predictions be tenuous. Never the less, sociologists want to develop a body Of reliable knowledge that can be applied to make our lives more understandable. Sociologists explain behavior through the concepts of structure and roles. Structure is much like a framework or script that guides our behavior. Roles, on the other hand, fit into a structure and deal with how we should perform. In a basketball game, rules serve to give the game structure. Everyone who plays knows or should know the rules of the game. This allows everyone to now how to behave and what to expect. How to cite The Sociological Perspective, Papers

Business Administration Special Development Needs

Question: Describe about the Business Administration for Special Development Needs. Answer: Introduction Organizations in the society do charity for the betterment of their organization and one such organization is the DBS bank, which is afinancial servicescorporation that raises more than $70,000 for charity for Club Rainbow in the year 2015 (Duran Sproule, 2012). Lock (2014) stated that business from supporting a charity is tax-deductible up to 50 percent of the Adjusted Gross Income and it also enhances their corporate social responsibility scores. In this assessment a company that is taken into taken into consideration is DBS Bank that raises a fund event for Rainbow Centre Singapore, which is a not-for-profit Organisation for children with disabilities and needs special developmental needs. These children suffer from autism, visual and hearing disabilities. This assignment comprises of the project scope statement, priorities and work down structure. Moreover, the cost estimation for organizing the charitable event will also be shown in the report and the assessment is finally wrap ped with an overall conclusion of the entire discussion. Project scope statement Project Objectives The purpose of the project is to raise enough funds of $100,000 for the special children and provide them high-quality education and helps in building Special Education (SPED) schools and Early Intervention Programme (EIP) centres. Deliverables A 1029 Square Feet place for hosting the charity show A food section where the guests and the disabled children came to attend the event A playground section, where different play event for these special children will be hosted Milestones Permit approved- 14th October Foundation Dispensed- 25th October The place selection, food arrangements, play section and playing accessories arrangements and inspection of the planning - 25th December Final inspection- 25th January Inauguration of the charity event- 12th February Technical Requirements Preparation for the charity projects- Goals for fundraising, targeting the audience, cause of the charity event and opening acharitable bank account. Promotion of the event- In this context, the DSB Bank has to promote the show to other people and let them aware of the event through social media sites, newspapers and television so that more people will attend the event. Arrangement for the event- A central place- Orchard Road to organize the event so that everyone can reach the place easily, checking of the adequacy of the place, types of payment to accept. In this case, the payment mode will be two types- donations box for cash payments and card payments. Lastly, to purchase necessary items for the purpose that is to buy infrastructural things for building a school for special children. Limits and exclusions A small area is selected for the event that may be not enough if the number of candidates exceeds 1000 for the event. The responsibility for the admission of the disable children is not the part of the host pf the event. The liability of the teaching staffs is not taken by the DSB Bank. The site work remains closed in the weekends as the workers also need holidays. Review with customers Local people Employee of the DSB Bank Parents and family members of the disabled children Project priorities Image 1: Project Priority Matrix (Source: Sharma et al., 2014) Time The charity event is time specific and is operational only for five days. Sharma et al. (2014) defines that the project manager has to take advantage of every possible opportunity so that the project completion time can be reduced. In this case, also, the project manager, consulted with experts and local event organizers so that they can use their experience for prepare the location ready for hosting the events. Several teachers from special schools are temporarily hired for the event so that they can entertain the disabled children. In this way, DSB bank does not have to research in every small detail as the work is distributed to the experience people in their field. Performance- Enhancement In this context, it can be said that in the five days, the finance organization makes the local people and the guest of the event to aware about the difficulty faced by the disabled children and more special schools need to be built for their advancements (Jones, 2014). The second and the third day will be allocated for the performances of these children so that their ability can be judged by the jury members of the events. In the fourth day, prize will be distributed and the parents are suggested the kind of education is effective for their children by the expert judges. In the last day, the amount raised by the event is donated to the Club Rainbow so that they can build new school and programs for these children. Cost- Accept Rojek (2014) defines that in order to get the best work done in a short interval of time; the budget has to be enhanced. In this case also, the DSB bank do not research by themselves about the best way to decorate the event and to is done by the event organizers and the judge of the shows are experts in psychology, who can understand the disables children better and this requires extra budget for their efforts; however, it ensures the effectiveness of the event. Work breakdown structure Image 2: Work breakdown structure (Source: Created by Author) A place to host an event An appropriate place to host the event and then decorate the place for the five days events so that maximum people can get are of the event and a minimum of 1000 people can be accommodated in the place with sufficient sitting arrangements. Major purpose The second section is the hosting of the major objective of the event that is to raise donation that further comprises of three proceedings- Making people aware of the difficulty faced by disable children, provide knowledge for betterment of their situation and then accept payments through donation box and cheques of a minimum amount of $100,000. Food for attendants In the food section, there will be confectionaries for children and vegetarian and non-vegetarian section will be there according to the food preference of the attendants. Promotion Promotions will be done through both conventional media like TV advertisements and newspapers and modern media like social networking sites. In this way, not only the elderly people can be targeted, who are not so familiar with the smart devices but it will also target the people in recent times that spent more times in their gadgets and internet (Lovejoy Saxton, 2012). Activities There will also be cultural events for children like outdoor games, art and dance along with the medical assistance for these children if anyone gets injured during the events. Cost Estimation and Time Phased Budget Requirements- The event is hosted for five days and each day require some cost that is paid by the DSB Bank to the Club Rainbow so that they can take effective step for the benefits of the disabled children that are suffering from life-threatening diseases. Cost Estimation Cost Per Day Total Cost For Five Days Place to host event $520 $520 X 5 = $2600 Accommodation for 1000 People $3500 $3500 X 5 = $17500 Food for the attendants $150 $150 X 5 = $750 Activities for children $1000 $1000 X 2 = $2000 Promotion of the event $700 $700 X 5 = $3500 Fees for the three judges $1550 $1550 X 2 = $ 3100 Fees for the five medical practitioners $1800 $1800 X 5 = $ 9000 TOTAL $38450 Table 1: Cost estimation for the charity event (Source: Created by Author) Time Phased Budget Chart 1: Time Phased Budget (Source: Created by Author) Conclusion The event that is considered in this assessment is the organization of the event that is a charity event organization for disabled people in the society. The organization DSB Bank is the leading financial brand of the Singapore and the major objective for hosting such event is to raise fund for the betterment of these children by building schools for them. The total estimated budget for the conducting the event is $ 38,450 while the target for attaining the fund is $100,000 so that a school can be built for giving proper education of those disable children. Moreover, the entire event is started from the 14th October and the process will be successfully executed to 12th February. These events include the place selection that can accommodate 1000 people including the special kids, their food and sitting arrangements and the judges for judging their activities and medical practitioners for their better health during the events was considered. Reference List Duran, R. E., Sproule, K. (2012). DBS Bank: Championing Change. Jones, M. (2014). Sustainable event management: A practical guide. Routledge. Lock, M. D. (2014). The essentials of project management. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. Lovejoy, K., Saxton, G. D. (2012). Information, community, and action: How nonprofit organizations use social media. Journal of Computerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ Mediated Communication, 17(3), 337-353. Rojek, C. (2014). Global event management: A critique. Leisure Studies,33(1), 32-47. Sharma, M., Bedi, P., Singh, V. B. (2014). An empirical evaluation of cross project priority prediction. International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management, 5(4), 651-663. Bibliography Gentile, B., Twenge, J. M., Freeman, E. C., Campbell, W. K. (2012). The effect of social networking websites on positive self-views: An experimental investigation. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(5), 1929-1933. He, X., Goh, P. Y., Chia, J. Y. (2013). A charity event youth for kids. Kerzner, H. R. (2013). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley Sons. Leach, L. P. (2014). Critical chain project management. Artech House. Rowe, S. F. (2015). Project management for small projects. Management Concepts Inc.. Tennant, M. (2013). Fun and fundraising: the selling of charity in New Zealand's past. Social History, 38(1), 46-65.

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Security and Privacy Ubiquitous Computing

Question: Discuss about the Security and Privacy for Ubiquitous Computing. Answer: Introduction The privacy has been the most cited criticism for the ubiquitous computing and has been the greatest barrier when it comes to the deployment and the acceptance factor. There have been computations based on the ad-hoc applications with the prototype to implement the environment-friendly computation. The vision has been a smart interconnected device with the seamless integration which increases the privacy concerns with the consistent access to the information. (Sadeghi et al., 2015). The major goal has been to look for the privacy aware personalized delivery of services within the environment of ubiquitous computing. Motivation The computer systems work on providing a personalised services to the different users in the domains. The privacy and the security issues have been from the data collection to process the systems in various domains related to the WWW. As per the current research, there has been focus on the privacy of the information of a location with the research based on the general framework for the privacy aware personalisation. The majority has been on holding the privacy for the Web and ubicomp which focus on hiding the identity of the user and providing personal information. There have been aspects where the users concentrate on providing the data collection along with the choice about the informed consent. Authentication The authentication is important as it worked on the security service which has an authorisation range to be built up for the different users. The service providers assure that there is a need for interaction with other intending parties. The attributes have been set with a choice where the users may prefer to interact with the service providers and work for the authentication of the user identity. (Krumm, 2016). The new technology with the involvement of time and position barriers are products which provide the availability for any user. The users have been working with the high probability, reliability and availability which increase the risks of security. Hence, there are applications like the smart tool box, smart supply chain, context aware application, smart home computing application to handle the automation of the electronic devices with a lower operating cost. Secure communication With the rapid change of technology, there is a change in the computing approaches, cognitive computer systems which includes the secured communications from spoofing. There is a possibility of the mutual authentication where there is a need to prevent the replay and the man-in-the-middle attacks. (Consolvo et al., 2015). In order to protect the privacy of the user, there is a need to authenticate the identity to the service provider where the user identify the information. Securing mobile devices The Secure Persona Exchange (SPE) has been working on the research work which demonstrated about the: 1. Authorising entity for the defined personas and the templates. 2. The mobile device of the user 3. Provider of a particular personalised device. There has been representation of information about the different aspects of the user which include the templates from a secured web interface. The templates are for setting the information which are providing by the user. The requests with the privacy policy are matches with the specifications by the user as per the evaluation, and is blocked, allowed or forwarded to the user, through the prompt service. The framework works on providing the different set of tools the users to build up the models, add the template to the persona, specification of other alternative preferences and viewing the accessing requests. (Hernandex et al., 2016). Significance The major focus of the ubiquitous computing is that it is a discrete field of technology which can work on the application paradigm of the miniaturization with ICT components being smaller. The embedding factors are set for the transformation into smaller objects. The networking is linked where the communication is through the radio. The ubiquity is embedded with the ICT components with context awareness for the use of sensors and communication. The mobility and ad-hoc networking capabilities are important for the real world communication where the context awareness has been set to work on supplying energy to the central tasks. The impact on the privacy has been positive in the security, medicine, and production. This confirms to handle the data protection standards depending upon the context dependent data protection filters. The system architecture holds the process of data protection with processing. (Davies et al., 2015). Method/proposed systematic approach The evaluation is based on examining the performance of the prototype with adequately implementing the usability and the user interaction methods. The performance is important with the granularity, response time for the requests and the framework scalability. The above graph shows the impact of the key lengths on the authentication cost. Hence, in the user tests platform, the evaluation is based on examining the user interactions with the interface which is intuitive and easy for the use. The users work on the rated viewing personas. The data privacy is calculated by safeguarding the security technology through the different trivial applications. For the networking, the major potential has been to work for the knowledge-based systems along with allocating the data and information. The secured identification has been to work on technological vision along with identifying the person and the objects. The examination is based on the identification of individuals along with the technology including the Trusted Platform Module. This includes the interaction between the different systems. The extended access control is based on identifying the users for the ubiquitous presence of the computers and the smart objects. The major phenomenon has been of the interlinking of the digital networks with the adaptive exchange of information. There have been ICT applications to work on the different sets of the decentralized and complex systems which include the service providers and the operators. Expected findings The focus of the research is to examine the methods to explore the mechanisms to create the user profiles with the subsets of the user models. This will allow the users to control the information along with viewing information which contains the personas and other controlled access. The exploration is based on allowing the users to work on the different methods of investigations for storing and communicating in the ubiquitous environment. As per the research, there have been means of control and correction within the IT system to prevent the unauthorized people from viewing and manipulating the confidential data. The communication also remains confidential with the known and the tested security technologies, used for the same. The approach has been to handle the technology and the performance, which ensures that there is no damage due to the failure of the system or the error from the operators. The security requirements focus on data protection which guarantees about the access by a uthorized third parties. The security deals with the protection from intentional attacks and ensures the confidentiality, integrity and the availability with complete authenticity. Conclusion The research is based on the privacy sensitive approach to providing the proper service information in the ubiquitous environment. There have been guidelines and the domains to examine the evaluation as per the applicability in the real world scenarios. Hence, for the confidentiality, there is ensured data encryption. (Davies et al., 2015). The authenticity is based on understanding the genuineness of the data along with authorisation to access the information. The major objective of the security is anonymity and authenticity which works on handling the data alteration along with identifying the management. Reference Hernandez-Castro, J., Avoine, G. (2016, April). Cryptanalysis of ubiquitous computing systems. In2016 18th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON)(pp. 1-4). IEEE. Consolvo, S., Hong, J., Langheinrich, M. (2015). Privacy and Security.IEEE Pervasive Computing, (1), 16-17. Davies, N., Friday, A., Clinch, S., Sas, C., Langheinrich, M., Ward, G., Schmidt, A. (2015). Security and privacy implications of pervasive memory augmentation.IEEE Pervasive Computing,14(1), 44-53. Krumm, J. (Ed.). (2016).Ubiquitous computing fundamentals. CRC Press. Sadeghi, A. R., Wachsmann, C., Waidner, M. (2015, June). Security and privacy challenges in industrial internet of things. InProceedings of the 52nd Annual Design Automation Conference(p. 54). ACM.